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作者:by David J. McMullen


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

出版地:Houston, TX



Everyone loves a song! But what is a song? To pare it back to basics, a song is a three- to five-minute story usually set to music. It generally consists of three or more verses tied together by a chorus. While the music is vital in conveying what the song sounds like and in capturing the listener's attention, it is the lyrics and the vocalist's interpretation of them that tell the story. In Just Add Music, or JAM, David J McMullen has compiled the lyrics to fit most popular genres of music, including but not limited to rock, pop, blues, country, Caribbean and adult contemporary. 

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  • Song List(p.navpoint-4)
  • Ain’t it Somethin’ (D)(p.navpoint-5)
  • Beautiful Jamaican (D)(p.navpoint-6)
  • Best Game in the World (D)(p.navpoint-7)
  • Better Than Sex (D)(p.navpoint-8)
  • Big Boy(p.navpoint-9)
  • Blue Days — Blue Nights (D)(p.navpoint-10)
  • Bourbon and the Blues(p.navpoint-11)
  • Chelsea(p.navpoint-12)
  • Cool Cool Cat (D)(p.navpoint-13)
  • Detox Earthquake(p.navpoint-14)
  • Doggy Doo(p.navpoint-15)
  • Don’t Apologise(p.navpoint-16)
  • Feel the Music(p.navpoint-17)
  • Feelin’ up about the World(p.navpoint-18)
  • Gay and Proud(p.navpoint-19)
  • Hearts are Trumps (D)(p.navpoint-20)
  • In My Dreams (D)(p.navpoint-21)
  • Just Walk Away(p.navpoint-22)
  • Kids Today(p.navpoint-23)
  • Little Miss Confidence(p.navpoint-24)
  • Love is a Four Letter Word(p.navpoint-25)
  • Loved Ya Babe(p.navpoint-26)
  • Marty’s Song (Until We Meet Again)(p.navpoint-27)
  • Memphis Moon(p.navpoint-28)
  • Merry Christmas America (D)(p.navpoint-29)
  • Million Dollar Babe(p.navpoint-30)
  • Mirror Don’t Lie(p.navpoint-31)
  • Mister Will Power(p.navpoint-32)
  • My Little Girl(p.navpoint-33)
  • Nashville — Nashville Tennessee (D)(p.navpoint-34)
  • New York City (D)(p.navpoint-35)
  • Not Giving Up on You(p.navpoint-36)
  • Ode To Jess (D)(p.navpoint-37)
  • One Day(p.navpoint-38)
  • Over and Out(p.navpoint-39)
  • Party USA (D)(p.navpoint-40)
  • Purr Baby Purr(p.navpoint-41)
  • Red Alert(p.navpoint-42)
  • Ruby Blue(p.navpoint-43)
  • She(p.navpoint-44)
  • Small Town(p.navpoint-45)
  • Sometimes(p.navpoint-46)
  • Special Little Thing(p.navpoint-47)
  • Teenage Blues (D)(p.navpoint-48)
  • That Elusive Song(p.navpoint-49)
  • The Boulevard(p.navpoint-50)
  • The Fake(p.navpoint-51)
  • The Funniest Man Alive(p.navpoint-52)
  • The Girl of Your Dreams(p.navpoint-53)
  • The Girl with the Dynamite Lips(p.navpoint-54)
  • This Man is Mine(p.navpoint-55)
  • We Have Contact(p.navpoint-56)
  • What to Do (D)(p.navpoint-57)
  • Youth Don’t Wait(p.navpoint-58)
  • Zip It Up (D)(p.navpoint-59)
  • My Song Writing(p.navpoint-60)