The verdict


作者:by Elias Adam


出版社:M-Y Books Ltd

出版地:Hertford, England


ISBN:9781906986445 ; 9781906986735

To summarise my book, it is an in depth study of ourselves. I challenge the notion that we are the superior race, when in fact, we are the cause of every problem in this world, and like I say in my book we hide behind our seemingly civilized exterior and banners we have named laws.

I have juxtaposed this idea by using dogs as a comparison, and after extensive research I am able to prove that they are far better than any of us. We all, including dogs have instincts and a savagery about us but in us, it is tenfold. I have based this book mainly from my life experiences and have created different scenarios to show this without directly referring to a specific part of my life. The whole book has a fixed scene that I continually return to, a café that I frequent, where I analyse its clients, my human laboratory if you want. From there I meet a dog, Chiotby that I later meet in a dream. This dream plays a large part in my book and because it is a dream, it allows me to put aside all of my inhibitions and talk more freely and really humble myself as I will be at the receiving end in the dogs' kingdom.

After reading my book you will hopefully be able to identify clear links with what I write about people, their hypocrisy and certain modern institutions now. Throughout the book, I delve into our inner thoughts, insecurities, I dissect open the man's chest to reveal what is really inside.

Although my book is not without its light moments of humour, unfortunately my book has a very bitter undertone about it, but unfortunately again that is how life has been delivered to me, and like it or not, although we are taught that good will ultimately triumph, evil has the upper hand in the deck now.

I think my book will appeal to readers who would like to be challenged, whether they agree with me entirely or partly, I am sure that it will at least lead them to ask further questions about relations with ourselves and with others, and perhaps they may even agree with me in the fact that we are the inferior race. It is indeed a book of natural rebellion...

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