The tinton arms murder


作者:by Barbara Cook


出版社:M-Y Books Ltd

出版地:Hertford, England



DCI Bev Smith is enjoying a rare Sunday off with her family and friends in the garden of her home. Her peace of mind is soon shattered by a call from DS Jones advising her of a domestic incident that doesn’t seem to add up.

Not long after that she is called to her local Gastro Pub to investigate a body that has been found outside.

What appears to be a run of the mill mugging takes a different shape when the victim is found to be an ex Commander of Police who worked in the Met then in retirement went overseas in an advisory capacity to several third world governments.

Much time is spent researching the victim’s time overseas, but Bev is certain that the answer to the mystery will be found locally. With her squad Bev goes about investigating the murder in her normal fashion. Unfortunately it soon becomes apparent that she will have help, in the form of Government Security Officers from London.

Soon the investigation hits a stone wall as the victim appears to have led an exemplary lifestyle and there seems no apparent reason for his murder. Whilst the investigation is on-going several different facts are discovered about the domestic incident which have a very personal effect on Bev.

Finally teh crimes are solved, but there is to be little satisfaction for Bev.

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