Spirit of eternity


作者:by Michel Russell


出版社:M-Y Books Ltd

出版地:Hertford, England


ISBN:9781906658175 ; 9781906658113

When you re working for the United Nations you come to expect the extraordinary. Nevertheless, self-assured and unshockably cosmopolitan Marc and Frances Fairchilde are thrilled at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity work together in the exotic paradise of Papua New Guinea. Worldly as they are, they find themselves unprepared for the sexually charged circumstances that await them on this unutterably beautiful yet volatile island. For demure English rose Frances and lean, muscular Marc, it s a whole new world - one where they become embroiled in an esoteric and erotic mystery fraught with danger and temptation in equal parts. Along with the Fairchildes, you ll meet the irresistibly outrageous octogenarian Mamma Mia and her toy boy delivery service, the ineffably provocative twins with their angelic smiles and the muscled teenage native boy who tempts Frances beyond endurance. Steamy?

Certainly. But soon the heat really is on as events spiral out of control towards a heady climax. When her husband is arrested for murder, Frances escapes to England - but eventually is drawn back to the source of the story seeking the truth. Is he innocent? Or is he guilty?

Either way, Frances faces the greatest challenge of her life. Enjoy the steamy tropical heat, revel in some me time and... Enjoy!

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