作者:by Vincent Cobb


出版社:M-Y Books Ltd

出版地:Hertford, England

格式:EPUB 流式

ISBN:9781907759345; 9780955606472

Newly promoted after successfully rising to the greatest challenge of her career, Angela Crossley finds herself once again facing evil head on , but this time her investigative insight is clouded by the burgeoning awareness of her increasing sensitivity to the paranormal.

Newly installed at Scotland Yard, she s haunted by the past even as her torrent of inexplicable dreams foretells events and crimes to come with terrifying accuracy.

Her new department s first task is to look into patterns of criminal behaviour - find the correlations between crime and criminal, victim and violation, pick up the trail and solve the unsolvable.

The past, therefore, is her constant companion , but soon the violent and bloody present intervenes and Angela must come to terms with who she really is before time runs out. What she finds out, about herself and the crimes themselves, no one could have predicted.

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