Have you seen my...ummm...memory?


作者:by Miller Caldwell


出版社:M-Y Books Ltd

出版地:Hertford, England



A delightful concoction of self-help advice for those of all ages suffering from occasional or regular memory lapses. The author's personal medical history is bound together by a fascinating and rib-tickling insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the human memory. It is a seriously funny yet thoughtful and helpful book. A rare combination indeed. Why did he have to retire early? How he nearly married the wrong woman! How he wrote a successful historical novel and challenged his memory before the TV cameras at the Pinewood studios. With tips for students facing exams there is no age restriction on memory lapses. We can all improve what memory capacity we have. Now is the time to exercise your memory. Let's untie the elephant's knot and learn his secret.

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