Ears of the wolf


作者:by Brian Viner


出版社:M-Y Books Ltd

出版地:Hertford, England



Pelops is a Spetnatz-trained commando. This former East German soldier is hired by MI5 in a plot to ‘bury’ a failed military project. He allows no one to stand in his way and tell the tale.
Marty Rebel is an insurance litigation investigator. Driving ambition and Celtic obstinacy compel him to seek answers to unheeded questions regarding the death of the assassin’s latest victim. A martial arts expert, he cowers in no man’s shadow; but he is pitted against an adversary aware of his every move. Mixed fortunes misdirect bullets meant for him, and then he survives his first one-on-one confrontation with Pelops. But Marty cannot halt his opponent’s rampage, nor determine its objective.
The attention of Domino, an EEC-funded anti-terrorist group, is attracted. With these experienced, armed allies, Marty wages mortal battle; in pursuit of Pelops, from the Essex coast to the winter mist on the Channel Islands waters. Marty is determined to exact retribution – the assassin is hell-bent on survival…

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